Moving From One Dedicated Server to a New Dedicated Server

Moving to a new dedicated server plan from another dedicated plan is not considered an upgrade. This kind of move involves two separate plans that will be charged individually. When two plans are made available at the same time, it becomes possible to move one or more domain names and their applications to the new server.

This method works best because it offers a fresh installation of software and hardware and the new IP addresses and computer name can be implemented easily, bypassing any prior issues from the previous plan. Therefore, when the transition of the move is complete, submit a TURN OFF SITE request for the previous plan in the Control Center.


Moving a website from an older dedicated plan to a new dedicated plan has multiple steps. In general, the following steps in this article will help duplicate most information for the domain names (email, website, FTP accounts and so on) from a previous account and re-create it on a new dedicated server. This document has links to other articles in the knowledge base for further clarification. A dedicated server is self-maintained. This means that a dedicated server can be its own Domain Name Server, Web Server, Email Server, FTP Server and more.

Administrating a dedicated server requires some knowledge of the Windows or Linux server platform, depending on which one you are using. The Control Center Knowledge Base articles can help. To see all articles about a dedicated server, open up the knowledge base and under the category drop down menu, select GENERAL DEDICATED and click search. This will bring up all relevant help for dedicated servers. For specific articles for the Windows environment, clcik WINDOWS DEDICATED or LINUX DEDICATED for articles regarding the Linux environment.

Control Center

The control center is not integrated with the dedicated servers. This allows for the flexibility of each unique dedicated environment. However, you can create PTR or reverse DNS records for your IP addresses in the Control Cetner. To fully qualify email DNS records, create a PTR record in the Control Center under SERVER, here's how.

DNS (Domain Name Server)

For network infrastructure and security reasons, IP addresses are assigned to servers per segment before they are turned on or created. For this reason, the same IP addresses are not transferable to another dedicated server. Therefore, when moving from one dedicated server to another, create the DNS records again using the new IP addresses.

For help setting up new DNS records, click here.

If you would like to copy the DNS text files from the old server to the new, they are located in the directory C:\WINDOWS\system32\DNS. If the dns text files are copied to the new server, you can create a record from an existing DNS file. With this method, make sure to update the IP address after creating the record, and then save to file.

Internet Information Services, IIS

Before or after the DNS is set up, you can move websites to IIS. For instructions on how to add a new IIS entry, click here.
For instructions on how to copy an IIS entry over to another server, click here.

You may have a certificate installed on a domain so that you can use the https:// prefix on a secure page for a shopping cart. If so, use the procedure in the following knowledge base link for each domain name. Article number 311.


If you have FileZilla setup on the original server, click here for instructions on how to move the settings and users.

Smarter Tools

Instructions on how to move SmarterMail from one server to the next can be found in the SmarterTools Knowledge Base, here

Instructions on how to move SmarterStats from one server to the next can be found in the SmarterTools Knowledge Base, here

Instructions on how to move SmarterTrack from one server to the next can be found in the SmarterTools Knowledge Base, here

Miscellaneous Custom Parts

You may have installed third party programs of components to the server other than the software that was provided by CrystalTech. This would be any executable that was installed or dll that was copied into the WINDOWS directory. There are many different types of these third party programs. Unfortunately, CrystalTech is not able to replicate, install or configure these kinds of programs, not even for a charge. Look through the list of programs under the start menu to see if any of these programs are needed on the new server and install them accordingly. Access the manufactures website for further help on these products as they usually come with some kind of support.

It is good practice to document the third party programs so that when a transition occurs, there is a list that is easily referenced. Without this list, it may be more difficult to duplicate the server’s functions exactly.

Name Server changes at the Registrar

After the domains, websites and email are set up on your dedicated server and you have successfully tested them with the new IP addresses, it will be time to change the primary and secondary name server addresses at the registrar. After the change, the propagation time can take twenty four to seventy two hours (to update on the Internet).


Use the CHECK LIST to help keep track of the moving procedures.

After the transition is complete turn off the old plan. Login to the Control Center, and click on TURN OFF SITE REQUEST. After filling out this request, you will receive a confirmation by the billing department within the next business day. If the previous plan is not turned off, monthly charges will continue to accumulate.

These answers are summarized for simplicity. If you need further help on a subject look in the corresponding link. You may want to break the items out and slowly accomplish them one by one. If you require assistance, or get stuck on a particular issue and would like some help on how to proceed in the right direction, our support is always available 24/7.

If you need CrystalTech Support to install and/or configure something on the new server, it will fall under the hourly labor charge if they can do that for you. This can be found at the bottom of the page here for Dedicated servers and here for Cloud VPS. Please include your Customer ID Number, password and server name in an email to with your labor request.

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