Mac OSX Terminal Services ( Ping, Trace, Whois )

Mac OSX also comes with a terminal services window, much like Unix or MS Windows Command Prompt. To access this window, use the following location on your OSX Hard Drive.

HD -> Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal

Ping: Pings the server name that you type in, this sends data to the server and times the response back to you.
1. After Opeing Terminal enter the following command.
  A. ping ( returns a single ping request )

Traceroute: Just like a freeway, when you type in a web address, or check your mail, your connection makes several stops along the way to your request. Some of the stops can have problelms processing your request.
1. After Opeing Terminal enter the following command.
  A, traceroute ( returns a route your connection takes to the domain )
  B. to cancel the trace, press CTRL + C.

Lookup: Will pull important information on a sites zone file, such as Host A, MX and NS records to name a few.
1. After Opening Terminal enter the following command.
  A. nslookup ( This will return the domain, and it's IP Address )

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