Download and Install myCC

To download myCC go to the following URL:


1) First you will need to un-zip the downloaded file.
2) Now you will need to run the Setup.exe.
3) Click next on the introduction page for the installation wizard.
4) Read the License Agreement if you agree select I accept and click next.
5) Click next on the ReadMe Information Page.
6) Select the installation directory or leave it as default and click next.
7) Select which features you would like installed or leave as default and click next.
8) Click next to begin the install.
9) Click Finish.

You now have myCC installed on your machine!

How to connect to mySQL DB:

1) Once you open myCC click file then New.
2) Now you will be asked to configure myCC with your mySQL information.
3) Fill out the following fields:
Name= mysqldb
Host Name=
User name= user name
Password= password
4) Click Add.
5) Now you should see your DB listed under the MySQL Servers List.
6) Right Click on your DB and select connect

Note: where you would need to replace the # with the number of your MySQL server which can be found under the MySQL Admin menu in the Control Center

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