Domain Registration Admin

If you have not already, login to the Control Center at with your customer id and password.
From the DNS menu item click on DOMAIN REGISTRATION ADMIN. Only the Customer Login has access to this page.
** If the domain name has been expired for less than thirty days, the Customer Service Department will need to renew the domain name manually. If this is the case, you will need to submit a verified ticket from within the WebControlCenter, with a description of the request for renewal, to the Customer Service Department.

The following information is listed for each domain name:

Creation Date
This is the date that the domain name was added into the Control Center.

Registration Date
The date that the domain was purchased or renewed at Tucows.

Expiration Date
The annual date when the domain name expires (needs to be renewed).

Renew Now
This feature allows you to select the number of years you wish to renew the domain for. (A domain registration period can be no greater than 10 years total.)
Lock Status
Provides a means by which to lock and unlock your domain name at Tucows.  Locking it will help prevent unauthorized transfers of your domain name to another registrar and changes to the ownership information.

Private Status
By default when a domain name is registered, the owner's information like street address, phone number and email address is published to the Internet. When Private Status is enabled, the owner's information that is normally available from a WHOIS search is no longer listed.
If Private Status is enabled at the time of domain name renewal, the Private Status will be renewed for the year as well. How do I enable Domain Private Registration?
** There is an annual charge associated with this feature.
Expiration Warning
Provides a means by which to enabled and disabled domain registration renewal reminders. Reminders are sent at a minimum of 90, 60, and 30 days from the Expiration Date.

Indicates your domain is available for registration. Click on the REGISTER link to register the domain name. The first time registration period is two years only.
** There is an annual charge associated with this feature.

For domains not originally purchased through us, you can use this link to submit a domain name transfer request to the registrar we use, tucows. For step by step guidance on transferring your domain, see our Transferring Domains knowledge base article.
** Registration and renewal charges and restrictions are listed here. Charges will be automatically added to your account upon a successful renewal. If a check payment method is used instead of a credit card, the domain name is not registered or renewed until payment is received.

Renewal reminder messages will be sent to the administrative contact email addresses 90, 60 and 30 days prior to expiration.

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