What tool do I use to maintain my SQL Server database, and where do I get it?

Most people choose to use Microsoft SQL Server
Enterprise Manager as it is a tool Administrators use to manage SQL
Server. If you would like to try this tool and any other components of SQL
Server, you can download a 120 day evaluation copy from Microsoft’s
website at http://www.microsoft.com/sql/evaluation/trial/.
This product has no association with us. Please agree to, and
abide by, all of Microsoft’s end user license agreements. Although the trial version of SQL Server will time out after 120 days, you will still be able to use Enterprise Manager after this period.

install the SQL 2000 Evaluation Version, follow these steps

1. After the download, extract the file using either
href="http://www.winzip.com/" target=_blank>WinZip
href="http://www.aladdinsys.com/" target=_blank>Aladdin

2. Open the folder "em2000," open "x86," open

3. Double-click "setupsql"

4. At the install screen,
click "Next"

5. Leave the next page as is, click "Next"

Leave option "Create a new instance…" checked, click "Next"

7. Make
sure your information is correct, click "Next"

8. If you accept the
agreement, click "Yes"

9. Choose "Client Tools Only," click

10. Uncheck "Books Online" and "Development Tools," click

11. Click "Next"

12. After the installation, click

Note: You can download Service Pack 2 for Enterprise
Manager This will speed up the database load time.

You can download
the Pack here or refer to knowledge base article 316


Service pack 2

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