DBManager - Move MySQL Data from My Old Provider

You can transfer data from your old host provider to your new host provider with many MySQL Enabled applications; this Article will cover using DBManager Professional. First if you do not have DBManager Professional installed, please review Article #693 for Install / Setup instructions.

First you will need to add a server connection for each server, please complete the instructions below for each server so that you will have two servers listed in DBManager.

  1. Now click on Tools, Server, Server Manager and Server Manager will open.

  2. Now click on Server, Add and information for a new server will be listed on the right.

  3. Please complete the following fields as listed below, remember to replace the # with your MySQL Server number that we assign to you.

    • Server Type: MySQL

    • Server Name: MySQL# Connection

    • Hostname: mysql#.webcontrolcenter.com

    • Port Number: 3306

    • User ID: YourUserID

    • Password: ######

    • Database: leave blank

    • Client Encoding: leave blank

    • Engine Version: leave blank

  4. Now click on the save icon, and close the window by clicking on the X. You will now be prompted to Reload the Servers List, click on YES.

  5. To connect to your server, simply click on the server name we just created on the left, and you will be presented with a drop list of Databases, Tables, Functions and Users.

Note: Repeat steps 2 though 4 to add your second server listed.

Now to connect to each server, double click on each server name in the server list on the left. Open the menu tree to display your tables for each server, and then simply drag and drop your tables from one connection to another, that is it.

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