Saving and Restoring IIS Configurations for Websites on a Dedicated Server

See the following steps on how to export and import IIS settings for one or more websites:

1. From the originating server, Right click on MY COMPUTER and go to MANAGE


3. Right click on the WEB SITES folder and from ALL TASKS select the SAVE CONFIGURATION TO A FILE option. This option will save all websites configuration within IIS.

4. Copy this file over to the new server.

5. From the destination server, open up IIS again and right click on WEB SITES. From NEW select WEB SITE (FROM FILE).

6. BROWSE to and select the XML backup file. Click on the READ FILE button. This will show you all of the websites that were saved. Restore a website’s configuration by selecting its name and clicking the OK button. Start from step 5 for each website.

7. Update IIS entries with the new IP addresses.

8. This process restores only the IIS configuration, not the web pages themselves. Copy the root directory containing all of the websites to the same location on the new server. This folder is usually the INETPUB or WWWROOT directory.

This process works separately for APPLICATION POOLS.

Further Microsoft documentation about IIS can be found here.

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