Creating a Default Website Within IIS

1. Log in to your dedicated server using Microsoft Terminal Services.

2. Go to “Start --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Administrative Tools”

3. Double click on “Internet Services Manager” to bring up the IIS Management Console.

4. Right click on 'Web Sites", then go to  “New --> Web Site”

5. You will then start the Web Site Creation Wizard where you will configure your site name, select the IP address used for the site, set the TCP port used (which defaults to port 80) for the site, let IIS know whether you want to use host headers for the site, set the default path to the home directory (generally c:\inetpub\domain_folder”), etc.

When you click “Finish”, the Default Website is added to your server and is ready to use.

You will then want to log in to your DNS management tool and add the site to your Domain Name Server utility so that it is available from the Internet. To see how to do this, please refer to Knowledge Base article 765.

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