How do I add extra domain names or domain pointers in the WebControlCenter and how does email work with them?

If you have not already, login to the Control Center at with your customer id and password.
From the menu item DNS select EXTRA DOMAIN ADMIN.

Adding an Extra Domain Name

1. Click on the ADD link.
2. Type in the extra domain name without a prefix like, where your extra domain name is
3. Click on the SAVE link.

This will point the extra domain name to the root of the primary domain name provided that:
1. The extra domain name is registered
2. The extra domain name is pointing to the correct WEBCONTROLCENTER.COM name servers for more than 48 hours.

** The EXTRA DOMAIN ADMIN does not register the domain name on the Internet. The extra domain name should already be registered and using the WebControlCenter's primary and secondary Name Server addresses in order for it to work on the Internet.
If you plan to also register the domain name, first add the domain name in EXTRA DOMAIN ADMIN and then register it under DOMAIN REGISTRATION ADMIN.

Creating a Subweb

To create a sub web in a sub folder, add a redirect script to the top of the home page. Reference the following articles for examples:
For ASP, see Knowledge Base article 350.
For Cold Fusion, see Knowledge Base article 257.
For .htaccess Redirect Assistance, see Knowledge Base article 1743 

Adding Email Services

1. From the MAIL menu item of the Control Center select MAIL ADMIN.
2. From the extra domain you would like to add email choose either "Domain Alias" or "Full Mail Account" from the corresponding drop down menu,
3. Domain Aliasing is free and will mirror the primary domain. An additional charge applies for each Full email Account.

** The update can take 20 minutes to 12 hours between record changes to the same domain name. This means that after you add or modify a domain name, in order to add additional email settings please wait up to 12 hours. This is because the Name Servers have not updated with the extra domain name yet.

To access administrative functions for a "Full Email Account", launch an Internet browser and enter the address (replacing with the extra domain name)

Login using the same administrative username and password as the primary domain.
Example: if the primary administrative email address is then you would login using using the same password.

Removing Email Services

1. From the menu item MAIL see MAIL ADMIN.
2. From the corresponding extra domain name, choose NONE from the drop down menu.
3. Approve the change by clicking on the YES link.

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