Plan turned off for payment - BILLOFF

Plan turned off for payment - BILLOFF 

If necessary, a plan can be turned off due to non payment. Before the plan gets turned off, the Billing & Account Management team will send out four notices at different intervals. They will be sent to the email contacts that are on file in the Billing Admin area of the WebControlCenter. 

Email Time Table

The first email is sent on the billing date.  The billing date is also the day that your invoice is due.  As we know that you may not be able to make payment right away we provide a 30 day grace period.

The second email is sent out two weeks after the first email.

The third email is sent out 30 days after the due date and 2 weeks after the second email.

The last email is sent after 37 days of non-payment, and the site will be temporarily turned off.

14 days after the last email, or 52 days of non-payment, the plan is removed, and the site is deleted. If it has been over 52 days.

Once the site has been deleted we cannot turn the site back on.  In order to resume your hosting account you will first need to resolve the balance due on the account.

After paying the balance on the account, you have two options to get your site back up.
1. If you have a copy or backup of your site files, you may order a new hosting plan and upload the files to the new account.
2. If you do not have a backup or copy of the site files, we do hold a backup of site files for 14 days. To restore these files, you must pay a $125.00 restore fee and our technical team will restore the deleted files. If it is after the 14 days, we will be unable to restore the site files.  
If it has been under 52 days then you simply need to resolve the balance to turn the site back on. To resolve the outstanding balance please see KB 968.

Billing Email Address Update.

If you did not receive any of the billing notices, it is possible that the billing email addresses that we have on file are incorrect or may need to be updated.  To update your billing email addresses first log into the WebContolCenter at

This page displays an overview of the billing details with a balance at the bottom of the table. To update your email address click on Edit for the corresponding domain name under the E-Mail Contacts column.


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