Using the Web App Gallery

Using the Web App Gallery

The WebControlCenter has a built in feature that allows you to automatically install applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, DotNetNuke (DNN), and others.  This is all accessible through the Web App Gallery.  The Web App Gallery is only available on certain plans.  See KB 1486 to see which plans support the Web App Gallery.

Web App Gallery

To access the Web App Gallery you will first need to log into the WebControlCenter.  Once logged in navigate to Resources > Web Application > Gallery.

From the Web App Gallery section you will see the following tabs:

Below is a description of each tab:

Blogging software allows an individual or group of users to record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.
CMS: Also known as a Content Management System. Allows for the creation of a website through a server application.
Galleries: Allows for the creation of an online photo portfolio.
Tools: Includes several useful programs to help facilitate the management of a website.
Wiki: Used to create an information site used for social publishing by both employees and visitors alike.
Forums: Setup a bulletin board to allow customers to post questions or keep in touch with family and friends.

All of the programs will walk you through the installation and setup. Keep in mind that if a database is needed the wizard may direct you away from the Web App Gallery to setup the database.  As soon as the database is setup you will need to navigate back the Web App Gallery to setup your desired program. 

Please Note: If there is already a database on your account there may be additional charges for setting up a second one.  For more information please contact us using the information in KB 1682.

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