How to Create a Certificate Request in IIS 6 (Dedicated/VPS)

To install a SSL to your server, you will first need to order a CSR that will need to be sent to your Certificate Authority (the company you are buying your cert from). 

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1. Once logged into your server, open IIS Manager. You can do this by clicking your Windows Start button and entering "inetmgr" into the search box.  Then click enter.  

2. From Administrative Tools, run the Internet Services Manager. Right click on the website that you want to add SSL to and click "Properties."


3. Click the "Directory Security" tab, and then click "Server Certificate" under the "Secure Communications" section.

4. When the wizard starts, press "Next," then choose "Create a new certificate" and click "Next" again.

5. Choose "Prepare the request now, but send it later" and then click "Next."

6. Enter a name for the certificate that you will be able to identify on your server in the first field. Select 2048 for the bit length (recommended). To learn more about bit length to use, view Knowledge Base Article #1585, "What is Bit Length?"

Leave any other boxes on this page unchecked.

7. On the next screen, enter your organization's name. Use your full legal company name (include a suffix, such as "Inc" or "LLC" if applicable). For the organizational unit, you can specify a company department or simply leave it as "Web." Click "Next."

8. Enter your web address in the "Common Name" field. This needs to be the fully-qualified domain name of your site, such as or Do not include http:// or https://. Click "Next."

9. Now, enter the country, state, and city where your company operates. Also, spell out all state and city names. If the SSL is intended for use by an international business in a country without states or provinces, use your country name in the state field. Click "Next".

10. Choose a file name and location to save your new CSR. The file should be saved as a text file (.txt). Click "Next."

11. Next, you will see a summary of your CSR. Click "Next" to generate the file if all of your information is correct.


12. Submit the CSR to your Certificate Authority (the company you are buying your SSL cert from). 

(With Trustwave, you will need open the CSR in notepad and copy the entire text, including the top and bottom dashed lines. You can paste this text directly into the Trustwave Control Center to proceed to validation.)

Once you have received your SSL certificate file from your CA, you will need to install the cert. View Knowledge Base Article # 1583 for step-by-step instructions.

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