Cloud VPS [Ubuntu]: How to Install a SSL Certificate

This article assumes that you have already generated your keys and created a Certificate Signing Request (CSR). Instructions on how to complete that process can be found in Knowledge Base Article #1581

The CSR is sent to the Certificate Authority (CA) you are purchasing the SSL certificate from. Once you have been sent the SSL certificate file by the CA, follow these steps to install it.

1. You will need to install the key file server.key and the certificate file issued by your CA. You will need to copy the cert generated by the CA from your local computer to your server (in order to use it in the path indicated below). 

Run the following commands at a terminal prompt on your server:

sudo cp server.crt /etc/ssl/certs
sudo cp server.key /etc/ssl/private

2. Next, you can simply configure any applications that have the ability to use public-key cryptography to use your SSL certificate and key files.

For example, Apache can provide HTTPS, Dovecot can provide IMAPS and POP3S, etc.

For more information on Certificates, please see the Ubuntu Server Guide available at

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