WebsitePanel: Importing Existing Resources

Importing Existing Resources

WebsitePanel has an ability to import hosting resources (web sites, FTP accounts, mail domains, DNS zones, databases, etc.) that were not created using the WebsitePanel software. This feature is ideal for the companies migrating from other hosting management solutions and plan non-automated hosting (where everything was created manually by system administrator). 

"Import Resources" wizard can be accessed with the following steps: 

1)     Log in to WebsitePanel.  If logged in as Serveradmin, click "Customers" from the Account Menu, and then select the user account under which you wish to manage.

2)     Click on “Spaces” under the “Account Menu”

3)     Click on the hosting space to which you want to import the existing resources.

4)     On the right side, under “Tools”, click “Import Resources”

5)     Expand the category related to the type of resource you wish to import.

6)     Select the resource to import.

a)     Repeat steps 5 and 6 for each resource you wish to import.

b)     Note that the interface will only list resources that have not yet been referenced in WebsitePanel.

7)     Click “Import Resources”

8)     Click “OK” to the popup asking “Import Selected Resources?”

9)     When progress is complete, click “Close”

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