JDBC Connection Errors for Dedicated Servers

Why am I getting JDBC connection errors in my ColdFusion pages when connecting to the shared SQL server?

This may be due to an option in ColdFusion Administrator that will cause CF to try and maintain a SQL connection. The JDBC driver for MSSQL will create the initial connection from the web server.

Once the connection is established, CF will cache it in memory, as well as not create any new connections for the same site. CF will create threads in the already established connection for SQL transactions.

Once this connection is killed, CF will automatically check the cache try to connect and if it can not connect it will throw an exception error. This is the design of ColdFusion and Macromedia has made an Enhancement request #62632 for this issue to be possibly added in later version.

A work around for this would be un-checking the option "Maintain connections across client requests" from the Advanced Settings while setting up the Data Sources. This option should make ColdFusion reestablish the connection of each query, thus not having the SQL reset after a set amount of time.

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