How to Convert your MySQL4 Database to MySQL5

This article is written using SQLyog. If you need this tool, please read KB article #1027.

Before you start, log into your WebControlCenter and create an additional MySQL5 database with the same information as your MySQL4 database.

Once you have downloaded, configured and connected with SQLyog, please follow these steps:

1) Within SQLyog, navigate to Tools > Backup Database as SQL Dump File.

2) Select your database listed on the left hand side. You will notice the "Table(s)" column will auto populate with all of your tables. Select the tables you would like to backup.

3) Provide a name for your SQL backup and location on your local computer. Then click "export" (SQLyog will export all of your MySQL4 data into a .sql file on your local computer, this could take several minutes.)

4) Once this is completed, you will notice that the progress bar will be full and that the bottom left screen will display "Export Successful." Click Close.

5) Within SQLyog, click on File > New Connection. Connect with the login credentials for your MySQL5 Database.

6) Once connected navigate to Tools > Execute SQL Script.... and find the SQL Dump file you created earlier on your local computer. Once found, click on "Execute." Once completed, click "Close."

You now have successfully converted your MySQL4 database to a MySQL5. Within your application you will need to update your MySQL Host Address to point to the new location of your MySQL5 database. Once updated, test your application before removing the MySQL4 database within the WebControlCenter.

If you require any further assistance with this conversation, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support department.

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