How do I add an SPF Record?

To add an SPF record to your domain's DNS record, you would need to do the following:

  • Login to the control center via

  • Once logged in, you will proceed to DNS -> DNS Zone Admin. It is from the DNS Zone Admin page that you manage your actual DNS records.

  • You will see a drop down on this page that will allow you to select the Zone File for your primary domain or any extra domains that you have. Please select the Zone File for the domain you wish to add the SPF record. Once you have selected the domain, click the “Go“ button.

  • You are now looking at the individual DNS entries for your selected domain. Towards the bottom, you will see the SPF record. If you have one already, it will be displayed for you. If you do not have one, it will tell you there are no records to display.

  • To add the record, click the “Add” button for the SPF record. If you already have one, you will be prompted for acknowledgement that the record will be replaced with the new one if you proceed. You should now be at a page that is asking you about your hosting set-up.

  • The Hosting set-up page has 3 options; 1. "I am using the default hosting settings“ 2. “This domain does not send mail“, or 3. “I am using Custom DNS settings“. Lets discuss what each means and see which one is best for you.

    • I am using the default hosting settings.
      You would use this setting if your domain sends email from your provided mail server, you have not pointed the mail servers outside of the hosting network, and you do not have other 3rd party services send mail on your behalf.

    • This domain does not send mail.
      You would use this setting if your domain does not send mail at all. This means you do not send mail from your web site, web server, mail server, or from a 3rd party.

    • I am using Custom DNS Settings
      This setting allows you to input your own SPF record. Any record added here will make sure that it conforms to the SPF specification as implemented in our environment. You would use this setting if you have pointed your mail servers outside our network environment, have a 3rd party mailing service (generally used to send out promotions or email lists), or allow any other server (web server, mail server, etc.) to send mail on your behalf.

  • You will now need to select the option that best suits your needs. Once it has been selected, click the “Save“ button. If you selected one of the first 2 options, you will be returned back to the DNS Zone Admin screen once it has completed. If you selected the last option, you will be presented an area to add your SPF record. Once it is added, click the “Save“ button. You will now be sent back to the DNS Zone Admin screen.

You have now added your SPF record. If you set a custom record, you need to be aware that we validate the record to ensure it is an actual SPF record but do not test the record for you. This is solely up to you to do.

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