Dedicated Server NTBackup Restore Procedures

This document covers a general purpose restore procedure for NTBackup. Instructions are as follows:

General data restores

Login to your dedicated server as the backupuser. The Backup user information is available on the Control Center. First log onto the Control Center as a customer. Next after successfully logging onto the Customer Control Center. Go to Menu--Customer--Customer Overview. Go to the section titled Current Domain Information at bottom, the backup username and password will be displayed.

Now that the Backupuser has been logged onto the server, open NTBackup. NTBackup is found in the Start Menu under Accessories and System Tools, named 'Backup'.

After you open NTBackup click the 'Restore and Manage Media' tab. All available backup files should be displayed in the left panel. Open the tree on the Backup file you wish to restore from and check the folder and or files you wish to restore.

When you are finished with your selections choose 'Original Location' or 'Alternate Location' in the 'Restore files to' drop down list. If you chose 'Alternate Location', enter the path. Finish the process by clicking the 'Start Restore' button. This simple procedure works well with most restores.

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