MySQL Administrator - An Interface for a MySQL database

MySQL Administrator

The MySQL Administrator application is primarily developed for MySQL Server Administrators to use in managing the server and MySQL User / Database Accounts. For this reason, some of the applications features will not work on your local computer, but you will still be able to manage your account, tables.


You can review and download the MySQL Administrator tool by visiting the following links.

MySQL Admin Home:

MySQL Admin Download:

Installation and Setup

Please Note: This article will assume you are running Microsoft Windows for installation and setup procedures.

After you have download the MySQL Administrator file, unzip the setup.exe file to your desktop and launch the installer by double clicking on setup.exe, and complete the installation process with a standard install.

You should now have a new icon (MySQL Administrator) on your desktop, double click on the icon to launch the application and you will see the Connect to MySQL Server Instance window. You will now see the following fields:
  • Connection:*
  • Username: YourUserName
  • Password: YourPassword
  • Hostname:*
*Please Note: When you setup your MySQL Database, we assigned you to one of several MySQL Server Numbers, replace that number where the # sign is located.

Now click OK to connect, and MySQL Administrator will launch.

Please Note: Below is a list of the following sections that will NOT work in MySQL Administrator:
  • Service Control
  • Startup Variables
  • User Administration
  • Replication Status

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