Changing Payment Frequency

The WebControlCenter allows you to change your payment frequency to yearly, monthly or anywhere in between. Use the following steps to change your payment frequency:

Login to the WebControlCenter at using your Customer ID and password.

Navigate to Customer > Billing > Billing Admin.  Here you will see all of the domains associated with your Customer ID.

From the Billing Admin screen, you'll see a link called Payment Frequency. To change it, click on your current Payment Frequency.

On the next screen, you will have access to a drop-down menu with different payment frequencies. Select the billing frequency you want to set for the domain (you can pay a maximum of one year in advance). 

Click on the Save button at the top of the page.

Your payment frequency is now changed and will take effect after your next Billed Through date.

Please Note: Your billing frequency will change automatically if you change your payment type.  It will default to monthly if you change to a credit card payment and quarterly (every 3 months) if you change to a check payment.

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