Reverse DNS Zones for a Dedicated Server

The protocol in which IP addresses are assigned by Internet Authorities requires that Reverse DNS Lookup zones be maintained through one set of name servers provided by the host.

The Reverse DNS Lookup Zones are maintained on:


To manage your Reverse DNS Records (PTR), login to the Control Center at
and from the menu item SERVER click on DNS REVERSE ZONE MANAGER and then click on the ADD button.

Choose the IP that you want to create the Reverse entry for from the drop down and then put in the record you want to create (e.g.

SmarterMail, along with most other server side email applications, uses the Machine IP to send email. This means that the IP address that is listed in your TCP/IP properties in the IP ADDRESS field is the same IP address that email comes from when you send it from your dedicated server.

Find your machine IP and enter in a host record that uses the same IP. If you don't have a host record that uses your machine IP, create one so that the reverse record matches the host record for the same IP. It can take 12 to 24 hours to update after you save it in the Control Center.

And finally, you can go to and list your machine IP in the REVERSE DNS test to see if it is working correctly.

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