How do I change my primary domain name?

If you have not already, login to the WebControlCenter at with your customer id and password.
From the menu navigate to Customer > Support Requests > Rename Request [Note that there is a one-time fee of $19.95 fee associated with renaming your account].

You can change your primary domain name to a new domain or switch it with an existing extra domain through the Rename Request page. You must have DNS enabled to change the name, by default it is turned on. You can re-enable DNS through Site > Site Features Admin.

Rename Request

1. Make sure you enter a full domain name (ex: where is your domain name without a prefix like "www") or choose the extra domain you would like to use (extra domains with email enabled will use its current mail account as the primary mail).

2. Choose whether you would like to keep the old domain name as an extra domain.
Please Note: Extra domains do not include mail accounts, an extra domain mail account can be added for an additional $5 per month. Domain aliasing is available at no charge. Additional extra domains beyond your plan’s included amount cost $3 per month per domain.

3. Enter a valid email address (one from outside of the domain name being renamed, Yahoo or Hotmail accounts are ideal).

** Rename Request will only handle the name change through the host's network, not through the registrar.

** If the primary domain name is changing to an extra domain name and that extra domain name already has a full email account associated with it, then the old domain name will lose its users and messages if you do not select yes to both of the options to “keep the old domain name as an extra domain name”, and “keep its mail account (montly charge may apply).” Make sure you retrieve any information you may need from the mail account before you attempt a rename.

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