SQL Connections Overview in the Control Center

To access the SQL Connections page in the Control Center, From DATABASE select SQL and click on MS SQL CONNECTIONS.

From this page you can view all open connections to your SQL databases, allowing you to fine-tune the performance of your application, by making sure connections are being closed. Select the database to view from the drop-down list at the top of the page. The following information about each open connection is listed:

  • SPID: Process identifier used internally by SQL Server

  • Login name: Login used to access the database

  • Status: Can be runnable or sleeping. Runnable means that the query was executing at the time the SQL Connections tool was run. Sleeping means that the query has executed and the connection is still open. If the Status is listed as sleeping, Last Run becomes very important. If the Last Run time is older than 5 mins then you need to check your connections and make sure you are closing them. Generally speaking Sleeping is not bad unless Last Run time exceeds 5 mins from the time the SQL Connections tool was run.

  • Run Time: The time it took for the query to execute in seconds. A higher number means you might want to try optimizing your query. Some queries are already optimized yet will still take time to execute.

  • Last Run: Date and Time that query was finished running.

  • SQL Server does not immediately release SPIDs, it may take up to 5 mins for the server to release the connection even though your web application has released it. If the Status is listed as "Sleeping" and the Last Run time is older than 5 mins you should look at the connection and make sure it is closed.

    A large number of listed connections with Last Run times older than 5 mins. is usually associated with poor performance of the application creating them.

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