Log File Administration

If you have not already, login to the Control Center at
and from the menu item IIS click on LOG FILE ADMINISTRATION.

Choose the log files to copy to your site (you can choose multiple files by holding down the CTRL key), then click the "COMPRESS" button.  The chosen log files will be placed in a directory called "logtmp" on your site, in compressed format as a single file (logs.zip).

** It may take a few minutes to copy/compress large log files, or a large number of files.

You can download the logs.zip file after copying by clicking the "Download" button (which appears when the logs.zip file is created).

Please delete the logs.zip file after downloading (by clicking the "Delete" button, which appears at the same time as the "Download" button) so that it does not count against your web space usage limit.

** FTP Access to log files is also possible from the menu item SITE see FTP ACCOUNTS

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