What is the Domain Login Features page?

One of the benefits Resellers have when hosting with us is the ability to customize a Control Center login for their customers. Resellers can brand this domain login with a customized default homepage, and any reference to our brand is removed, even in our knowledgebase. Resellers are also able to select which options they want their customers to have access to when they login with the domain login. The differences in the two logins are explained in Knowledge Base article #2.

If you have not already, login to the Control Center at  https://www.webcontrolcenter.com/customer.aspx and under the menu item CUSTOMER click on DOMAIN LOGIN FEATURES.

For example, a Reseller sets up an account for Company A, Inc. (using CompanyA.com as the domain name) and sets the primary Username and Password as "CompanyA" and "test123" respectively. When the Reseller contacts Company A, Inc. they can tell their contact that Company A will have access to a Control Center by going to https://www.webcontrolcenter.com/domain.aspx . When prompted, they will input "CompanyA.com" as the domain name, and "CompanyA" and "test123" as the username and password. When they hit the "Login" button, they enter their customized Control Center.

As far as the options that Company A will see, those are completely up to the Reseller. Using the Domain Login Features, Resellers simply check or uncheck the various options presented in the Domain Login area. This allows Resellers to fully customize the views and management areas their customer’s access. The changes will be reflected on every account the Reseller has, however, not simply for the domain they’re logged in under.

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