How do I change the generic default page that is automatically created for my site?

When a site is created on the network, a generic placeholder is created that has the file name of “default.htm”. This page is not formatted, and basically says “This is the default page for…” and your domain name.

When you initially upload your site, you will need to do one of three things in order to remove this from appearing when you type in your domain name (or IP address prior to transferring your domain):

1. Upload a homepage that has the same file name as the default page that is automatically generated for you (default.htm – with the .htm extension as a file with a .html extension will not replace the generic page that is created), or

2. If you want to use a different default page (e.g. index.html or default.aspx), you’ll want to move that page up to the top of the list of default pages we have set for your domain. You can do this from within the Control Center.

Just log in and navigate to IIS Admin-->Default Pages. You can then select the file you want to use as the primary default page and move it up to the top of the list using the Up arrow.

3. If you have created a page with a different file name that you want to use as the default page, you’ll need to add that page via the Control Center (under IIS Admin-->Default Pages) and either remove all other pages from the list of defaults or simply move your file name to the top of the default pages list of files.

The generic default page that is placed in the root of your site is there as simply a placeholder and a designation of the domain name that hosting space belongs to. We give you the ability to use any file you want as the default page for your site. Uou simply have to let us know which file you want to use by doing one of the three things mentioned above.

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