How do I renew a WebControlCenter Domain Name?

This feature allows you to select the number of years you wish to renew a domain names registration for.  If enabled, Domain Private Registration will also be renewed. (A domain registration period can be no greater than 10 years total.)
1.  Login to the WebControlCenter at with your customer id and password. 
2.  From the DNS menu item click on DOMAIN REGISTRATION ADMIN. (Only the Customer Login has access to this page.)            
3. If you wish to renew your domain for more than one year, select the number of years from the Renew Now drop down box. Otherwise, click the Years-Renew link to renew for one year.
4. You will be prompted to accept the renewal period and associated fees.
  • Domain Renewal fee: $10.95 per year
  • Domain Private Status Renewal fee: $7.95, per year. 
5. Click Yes to process the domain name renewal now.

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