How to Set IIS Folder Permissions Through the Control Center

If you have not already, login to the Control Center at
and from the menu item IIS click on IIS PERMISSIONS.

1. This page shows the contents of the website from the root level directory in the top, and the permissions that are set for it in the bottom.

2. Select the folder for which you would like to change permissions, by clicking it. The path to the folder you are working with will be listed above the contents window.

3. Check the appropriate boxes and click "Save".

The top two checkboxes are for the permissions on your site when it is being viewed without shared SSL, whereas the bottom two checkboxes apply when someone is browsing your site using shared SSL.


  • Allow Anonymous Access - When this option is disabled, anyone viewing any pages or other files in this directory will be prompted for an NT username and password.

  • Enable Read Permissions - When this option is disabled, nobody will have access to view or download any files in the selected directory. This is commonly used on directories that have Access databases or other files that the web application needs access to, but that you don't want end users to have access to.

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