Cloud VPS Management Overview

The VPS Management page can be located in the WebControlCenter under the Server menu.

The VPS Management page allows you to manage the resource allocations and options associated with your cloud server.  There are six tabs you should be familiar with.

This area allows you to adjust the number of vCPUs and the amount of RAM allocated for your server.  You can range from 1 to 4 vCPUs and 0.5 GB to 16 GB of RAM.

Disk Management
This area allows you to add, delete, or resize disk volumes for your server. To perform any of these actions, please see the following articles:

[Windows] How to add a volume and format the disk
[Ubuntu] How to add a volume and format the disk
[Windows] Resizing a disk volume (decrease)
[Windows] Resizing a disk volume (increase)
[Ubuntu] How to Extend an Ubuntu VPS Disk
Deleting a disk volume
[Windows] Creating mount points

WARNING: Any data on deleted volumes will not be recoverable unless you have selected the backup option (see the backup tab).

Manage Instance
This area will allow you to Reboot, Stop, or Pause your server instance.

NOTE: Only certain actions are available based on the current state of the server (shown in the upper-right corner of the Current Usage dialog).

The history area provides you with a log of all changes made to your virtual server, with the most recent changes at top.

The area allows you to add or remove the disk space backups option. It's important to note that you must click "Save Backup Settings" to save any changes you make in this area.

From this area, you have the option to add or remove 7 different high-value options, which include hardware firewall, managed services, MacAfee Antivirus software, additional IP addresses, a ColdFusion license, a SQL Server license, or a SmarterTools leasing option.

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