WebsitePanel installation guide [Windows 2008]

Note that this article describes the 'standalone' server setup for WebsitePanel.  Also, if your server is using Windows 2003, please see our WebsitePanel installation and setup guide for Windows 2003.
It is always recommended that you have a recent backup of your server before making a major change to it. Please contact a Newtek Representative if you are not making your own backups or if you do not have a backup option with us.
Although the WebsitePanel edition of our Windows 2008 Cookbook is written for a "fresh" server setup (i.e. a server without websites, mail, stats, or anything else installed and running on it), you can still follow it if you have an existing server already running services on it.
If, for example, you already have SmarterStats, SmarterMail and DNS set up on the server, you'll want to put most of your focus on the following chapters:
Hosting Setup (to create new customer accounts and websites moving forward)
WebsitePanel has an ability to import hosting resources (web sites, FTP accounts, mail domains, DNS zones, databases, etc.) that were not created using the WebsitePanel software. This feature is ideal for anyone migrating from other hosting management solutions and plan non-automated hosting (where everything was created manually by system administrator).  For instructions on how to import resources, please see our KB article on the subject.
To download the WebsitePanel installer, visit the following link with your server's web browser:
Once you've downloaded and installed the WebsitePanel installer, double-click the installer Icon on your server's desktop (you may need to right-click the icon, instead--and "run as administrator").

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