How to add the Barracuda Reputation Block List (BRBL) to your SmarterMail mail server (Dedicated/VPS)

Before enabling the Barracuda Reputation Block List (BRBL), which is available free of charge, you will need to register here with Barracuda, and provide them a list of IP addresses of your domain name servers (DNS).  Once you've completed that, follow these steps to get the RBL set up within SmarterMail.

1.  Log into SmarterMail as a system administrator, then click Security.

2.  Click Antispam Administration.

3.  Click Add RBL.

4.  Provide a name (e.g. Barracuda BRBL, or whichever name you would like to give it), a description, desired weight, and a hostname, which needs to be  Also be sure to click the "Enabled" box next to the Required Lookup Value field.

5.  After adding the new RBL, be sure to click the check box "Enable for Filtering" for the Barracuda BRBL, and click Save.

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