Windows Dedicated/VPS CookBook: 6. Installing SmarterStats

Chapter 6:  Installing and configuring SmarterStats

Shortly after purchasing your dedicated or virtual private server, you received an e-mail containing your SmarterBundle information. This e-mail provides your SmarterStats, SmarterTrack and SmarterMail download locations and license keys.

1.  Locate the SmarterBundle email, which would have been sent to you from, and copy the download location for SmarterStats.

2.  Using a web browser on your server, visit the SmarterStats download page.

3.  Click the Primary download link for SmarterStats.

4.  Run the download.

5.  If you encounter a "publisher could not be verified" on this step, click Run.

6.  On the first page of the installation wizard, click Next.

7.  Read and accept the terms of the license agreement, then click Next.

8.  Note that SmarterStats will be installed under Program Files > SmarterTools > SmarterStats.  Click Next.

9.  Click Finish.

10.  A browser window will open for SmarterStats. 

11.  Enter a username and password, then click Next.  This will be the System Administrator login information for your SmarterStats installation.

12.  On the next page, specify your Time Zone from the drop down, then click Next.

13.  Now you'll have the option to set up your site.  Choose the option for Add a site now, then click Next.

14.  Choose a Site ID; enter your domain name for Site Name; enter a Username and password (which is a user to access site stats for your domain, as opposed to the previous username and password you set up above which is for the system admin login).  Click Next.

15.  For Site Logs, click Browse to specify the Logs Full Path.

16.  The path will be located at C:\ > inetpub > logs > LogFiles > W3SVC1

When you created your site in IIS in Chapter 1, a folder was automatically created for your site logs within the LogFiles directory.  It will appear as something similar to the example below: "W3SVC1".  You will need to select this folder for the path, then click OK.

17.  Click Next.

18.  Click Finish.

19.  SmarterStats has now been installed and set up.  See the next chapter to set up SmarterStats to run in IIS, which is recommended for performance reasons.  After setting up SmarterStats in IIS, we'll also show you how to log into Stats for the first time and register your license key.

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