Windows Dedicated/VPS CookBook: 5. Testing FTP

Chapter 5:  Testing FTP

Now that we've created an inbound rule in Windows Firewall that will allow an outside user to access the server via FTP, we'll check to be sure you're able to upload a file to your site.

While there are many quality FTP clients available, some of which are free, we'll be using FileZilla's FTP client in this example.  You can download the FileZilla FTP client at

1.  For this quick test, we'll use the Quickconnect option in FileZilla, which is located at the very top of the application.  To connect, enter your domain name, the FTP username you set up in Chapter 3, and the password you set up for your username.  Then click Quickconnect.  Please note that if you have not yet updated your name servers with your domain registrar, as described on the very last step in Chapter 2, or it has not yet been 24-72 hours for the DNS to fully propagate, you may not be able to connect via FTP using your domain name.  If either is the case, use your Primary IP address for the Host field instead of  your domain.

2.  If successful, you should see a "Status: Directory listing successful." 

On your local machine, select a file to upload to the server.  In this example, we'll upload a very basic index.html file that says "hello!".  On the lower left window pane, which shows files on your local machine, right-click on the file you wish to upload and select Upload.

3.  If the upload was successful, you will see a copy of the file on the lower right pane.

4.  Now, bring up your preferred web browser and test to see if you can view the page you've just uploaded.

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