Windows Dedicated/VPS CookBook: 3. Creating an FTP user in FileZilla

Chapter 3:  Creating an FTP user in FileZilla

In order for you or any users to begin uploading files to the server via FTP, you will need to create 1 or more FTP users in FileZilla.

1.  Your FileZilla server interface may already be open and running on your server's desktop.  If not, click on the Windows Start button and go to All Programs.

2.  Click to expand the FileZilla Server folder, then select FileZilla Server Interface.

3.  On the FileZilla server interface, click Edit, then select Users.

4.  Under the Users section, click Add.

5.  On the Add user account dialog box, enter in a FTP username, then click OK.

6.  Under the Account settings section, check the Password box, then enter in a password for your FTP user.

7.  Switch to the Shared folders page.

8.  Under the Shared folders section, click Add.  This is where you'll be choosing which directory your FTP user has access to.

9.  Navigate to the website directory you created for your website (see the previous chapter on how to create a site in IIS7) Then click OK.

10.  Under the Files section, click the boxes you wish to give the FTP user permission for.

11.  Click OK.  You have now created an FTP user and gave that user access to your website's directory on the server.  Later, we'll test to be sure it works.

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