View Invoice History

View Invoice History

This Knowledge Base article will walk you through how to view the entire history of every invoice that has ever been generated for your account. To update the email address that invoices are sent to see: Changing Billing Contact Information

WebControlCenter Steps

Login to the WebControlCenter at with your Customer ID and account password. For login help, please see KB 1088.

Once logged into the WebControlCenter, go to Customer > Billing > Invoice History.

From the drop down menu, select the domain on your account you would like to view the invoice history for.  To view the invoice history for all domains, choose "All Domains."

Select the date range you would like to view invoice history for.

Click Search.

Search Results

Once the search has been completed you will see the entire list of every invoice for your account.  You will see invoice numbers, the date the invoice was generated, the amount the invoice added to the account and the option to view the invoice.  Click View to pull up a copy of your invoice

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