Important DNS Update for Known Vulnerability -- Windows (July 2008)

Due to a vulnerability that IT professionals have recently discovered that affects the core functionality of DNS, it is critical that you update* the software on your dedicated server accordingly.

On your Windows Server, you can simply bring up Internet Explorer and enter You can then select the Express option, which will include this update.

Alternatively, you can install the patch manually, which can be downloaded here.

To read more about this issue, you can view the official CERT advisory, with full details, at this address:

Windows users who are using the Microsoft Implimentation of DNS can find OS specific details at

After making the update to your server, you can perform a verification of the patched server by going to the following link and selecting Check DNS:

*If you have the Managed Services option as part of your dedicated hosting plan, your server has either received the patch for this issue already, or will receive it the next time Managed Services are performed on your server.


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