CommVault Backups on Dedicated or Virtual Private Servers

We now utilize CommVault Galaxy® Backup & Recovery software to administer daily backups on our dedicated and virtual private servers. CommVault Galaxy® Backup & Recovery is an industry standard backup solution that provides us with a quicker and more reliable backup infrastructure.

Current NTbackup servers are being replaced and the previous backup shares will no longer be accessible. The backup process will continue to run in a 2 week cycle with 2 full and 12 incremental backups.

With the backup option you will notice the application CommVault QiNetix installed on your server and the service will show up as a process called CVD.exe under Task Manager. *Please do not kill this application.

If you purchased an SQL license through us, a maintenance plan has been created to backup the databases daily to C:\SQLBackups.

If you have purchased your own SQL license, you must setup a Maintenance plan so your databases will be properly backed up.

To setup a maintenance plan on SQL 2000, please view KB article #1019.

For SQL 2005, please see KB article #1020.

SQL Express does not support maintenance plans, as a result you may need to setup the following backup scripts #1039.

Please note: CommVault requires NetBIOS, please do not disable NetBIOS within your network properties.

If you have any questions regarding the Backups option on dedicated servers, please contact

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